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2022 SBIA Northeast Private Equity Conference

2022 SBIA Northeast Private Equity Conference

FasTech LLP, specialists in 3D metal printing, will be representing middle market manufacturers at today’s Northeast Private Equity Conference, at a panel session on the recently announced Additive Manufacturing (AM) Forward Initiative.

The 2022 SBIA Northeast Private Equity Conference is taking place on Tuesday, June 28 and Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at the Lotte New York Palace. The meeting is designed to provide an insight into current U.S. economic trends, valuable updates on potential policy changes which could impact funds and high-level networking opportunities with middle market contacts. This year, there will also be a bonus panel session considering the newly announced AM Forward Programme.

The AM Forward initiative, launched in May by President Biden in Hamilton Ohio, is a programme aimed at strengthening links between large US equipment manufacturers with America’s small and medium sized businesses to help speed up the adoption of additive manufacturing, key to ensuring supply chain security, speed and reducing costs.

“When we met President Biden at the AM Forward launch,” explains Alan Pearce, CEO of FasTech, “the importance of additive manufacturing to US manufacturing was stressed. Some complex parts, used in many key industrial sectors, just could not be produced using conventional methods. As a middle market manufacturer, the AM Forward Initiative is really important to us at FasTech – the programme will be invaluable by providing a more stable order book from large American equipment manufacturers, which in turns means that we can invest in our workforce to provide high quality well-paid jobs for the future.”

Today’s panel at the 2022 SBIA Northeast Private Equity Conference, includes representatives from large companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, O’Neal Industries, with the discussion focusing on highlighting investment opportunities for middle market companies and larger companies identifying where there are potential demand opportunities.

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2022 SBIA Northeast Private Equity Conference