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FasTech to showcase its ‘End-to-End’ capabilities at Formnext Austin 2023

FasTech to showcase its ‘End-to-End’ capabilities at Formnext Austin 2023

As experts in additive manufacturing (AM) with a core focus on WAAM and LW-DED technologies, we are thrilled to exhibit at America’s Event for Industrial AM Innovation, Formnext Austin 2023.

Formnext forum Austin is breaking ground as the first event in a series dedicated to driving innovation and growth in industrial 3D printing across the Americas. Located in one of the world’s most technologically advanced manufacturing hubs, Formnext forum Austin will bring together leaders from all sectors of the additive manufacturing (AM) supply chain.

At Formnext Austin 2023, we will be showcasing some game-changing technologies, namely the use of WAAM and LW-DED methods to print small to medium to large scale metal components.

WAAM offers several advantages, including its ability to produce large-scale metal parts at high deposition rates and cost-effectively. In this process, a wide range of metallic alloys, making it suitable for various industrial sectors. This groundbreaking technology is trustfully used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and more. It is particularly beneficial for producing components with complex geometries, as well as for repairing and refurbishing existing parts.

Laser wire direct energy deposition (LW-DED) is a metal additive manufacturing technique that utilizes lasers for precise deposition of material to create or repair 3D metal components. LW-DED offers relatively fast deposition rates Compared To Powder-based technologies. It´s suitable for printing small to large-scale metal parts or perform repairs, reducing production time and costs. Some typical applications include manufacturing complex components with intricate geometries, repairing turbine blades or other high-value parts, repairing worn-out surfaces, or simply creating custom prototypes.

But at FasTech, we not only specialize in additive manufacturing, as part of our one-stop-shop services, we also offer machining services for components that require a high degree of precision and repeatability. Our CNC machining specialists can program and safely oversee the production of highly complicated precision components with the highest standards of quality.

Moreover, we are proud to be the US reseller for the Scantech range of portable 3D scanners. These state-of-the-art scanners are ideal for rapidly creating exact 3D models for product development, reverse engineering, first article inspection (FAI), quality control and repair and maintenance.

Join us from August 28th to 30th and discover the limitless possibilities of additive manufacturing at Booth 338. Our team of additive manufacturing professionals will be on hand to answer all your inquiries.

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For more information about FasTech, visit our website at www.fastech-engineering.com. 

The FasTech Team.