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Distributor of Scantech Range of 3D Scanners

Distributor of  Scantech Range of 3D Scanners

FasTech has announced that it is now a US distributor for the Scantech range of 3D scanners. These state-of-the-art scanners can rapidly create precise 3D models, ideal for use in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy and transport sectors.

Scantech 3D scanners can be used for a variety of applications including product development, reverse engineering, first article inspection (FAI), quality control and repair and maintenance. The handheld portable scanners can measure and scan large or awkward shapes in narrow difficult to reach spaces or under large objects, automatically transforming the 3D scan data into accurate 3D models. The range offers accuracy levels of 0.100 mm up to 0.025 mm, with scanning speeds of 1,350,000 measurements per second to 2,020,000 measurements per second with resolution levels of 0.10 mm achieved.

FasTech will be distributing four of the Scantech product ranges in the US:-

Composite 3D scanners – KSCAN-Magic series
The KSCAN-Magic series, the first 3D scanner to combine infrared and blue lasers into a single instrument, has unparalleled scanning speed, accuracy, detail, scanning area and depth of field. The KSCAN offers Metrology-grade NDT Measuring. It has a scanning accuracy of 0.020 mm and 0.03 mm/m of volume accuracy which provides the ultra-high precision non-destructive testing (NDT) levels required by sectors such as the aerospace industry.

Hand-sized 3D scanners – SIMSCAN 3D Scanner
Weighing in at just 570 g, the handheld SIMSCAN 3D scanner is ideal for scanning in awkward and difficult to reach places. With its metrology-grade measurement system, the SIMSCAN 3D scanner can be used in narrow, awkward spaces or under large objects, to provide high quality 3D scans. The scanner is extremely robust, produced in aerospace-grade materials to ensure its extreme durability.

Tracking 3D scanners – TrackScan-P Series 3D System
Ultra-high precision dynamic 3D measurement, without requiring markers, the TrackScan-P has accuracy levels of up to 0.025 mm with a resolution of 0.020mm and can be used in quality control, product development and reverse engineering. With its powerful anti-interference capability which overrides thermal, vibration and environmental variations, the scanner can easily capture 3D data from shiny or black surfaces.

Color 3D scanners – iReal 2E 3D scanner
The iReal 2E color 3D scanner is specially designed for medium to large- sized objects and human body 3D scanning. The scanner uses infrared VCSEL structured light technology for a safe, comfortable 3D scanning experience.

“We are delighted to become distributors for ScanTech 3D scanners,” said Alan Pearce, CEO of FasTech LLC. “We have already been using the scanners for some time in our own manufacturing operations, which puts us in a great position to see their applications across a broad range of industrial sectors.”

If you would like to find out more about Scantech 3D scanners, please get in touch with the FasTech team. We would be delighted to discuss which of the range is best for your requirements.

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