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Scantech Kscan Magic

KSCAN-Magic Series 3D Laser Scanner

The KSCan-Magic Series of 3D laser scanners are the first range that combine infrared and blue scanners in a single device, helping speed up workflow and applications. These scanners come with five standard working modes:-

  • Large area scanning reaching up to 1440 mm x 860 mm, using the infrared laser,
  • Fast scanning, using blue laser crosses
  • Fine scanning helps, using the blue parallel laser, helps capture the details of the surface of complex objectives, with a resolution of 0.10 mm
  • Deep hole 3D data and dead angle positions, using the single blue laser
  • Built-in photogrammetry system, to improve accuracy of 3D data collection and 3D modelling process

Metrology-grade NDT Measuring for the aerospace sector

The KSCAN-Magic Series offers 0.020 mm of scanning accuracy and 0.03 mm/m of volume accuracy, providing ultra-high precision non-destructive testing (NDT) to levels suitable for the aerospace sector.


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