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TrackScan-P42 3D Scanning System

This 3D portable scanner is ideal for quality control, product development and reverse engineering. The TrackScan-P42 3D system is capable of producing extremely precise, dynamic measurements, without the need for markers. With its powerful anti-interference capability which overrides thermal, vibration and environmental variations, the scanner can easily capture 3D data from shiny or black surfaces.

The TrackScan-P42 3D scanner freely switches between working modes which allows the equipment to efficiently handle different scanning situations. Three scanning modes are available:-

  • Ultra-fast scanning, with 17 blue laser crosses
  • Hyperfine mode B with 7 blue parallel laser lines
  • Deep hole scanning with 1 extra blue laser line

If required, the scanner can also be used with a wireless T-probe to provide additional flexibility when measuring gaps, holes, grooves and complex surfaces.

See how the TrackScan-P42 3D Scanning System can be used in the automotive industry

Download brochure for the technical specification of the TrackScan-P42 3D Scanning System

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