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3D Metal Printing

Grow, finish and go. Our 3D metal printing and milling process

Up to ten times faster than conventional manufacturing methods, our wire arc additive manufacturing process, using our GEFERTEC 3DMP®arc405 and GEFERTEC 3DMP®arc605 delivers 3D printing without lasers or powders.

  • Ten times faster lead times than traditional manufacturing methods
  • Lower material costs as nearly 100% materials utilization
  • Broad range of materials available – only limited to available wire stock
  • Weld deposition in 5 axes, without printing additional support structures
  • Extremely flexible – ideal for one off prototypes
  • Easy sourcing, handling and storage of base materials

The four step process

step 1
Convert CAD into CAM models including reverse engineer from original product
This is where the CAD is converted into individual digital printing layers, i.e. the CAM model. If required, we can even reverse engineer the original product, by scanning, to create the CAM model.
step 2
Print the net shape part
The blank part is printed fully automatically, using a wire-based arc welding process..
step 3
Scan for quality control
The part then undergoes a 3D scan and geometry measurements to ensure that the part meets the defined quality requirements defined by the customer..
step 4
Mill to complete the process
The finished part is milled to complete the shape..



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