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The Navy is Docking in Danville – A $28.8 Million Investment

The Navy is Docking in Danville – A $28.8 Million Investment

The economy in Danville, VA is about to get a boost in the form of a new manufacturing center. The Center for Manufacturing Advancement (CMA) represents a $28.8 million investment in the Danville area and will be home to the Navy’s new Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (CoE). This is great news for the city and its residents!
Governor Glenn Youngkin was in Danville to celebrate the ribbon cutting.

“When we are thinking about the future of our own national security, we have to have these capabilities to make sure that these supply chains are here in the US and that we can protect and advance them and all of that comes together around this particular initiative,” said Youngkin about the new manufacturing facility.

What Is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing is a process of making three-dimensional objects from a digital file. It involves building up an object by depositing material one layer at a time. This is in contrast to traditional subtractive manufacturing methods, such as final machining of castings or forgings, where material is removed from a workpiece to create the desired shape.

The Navy’s New Center of Excellence

The Navy’s new additive manufacturing CoE will be located within Danville’s CMA on the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research campus. The purpose of the CoE is to help the Navy keep pace with rapidly changing technologies.

Additive Manufacturing has many benefits, but there are a few that are particularly well-suited for the needs of the Navy. First, AM can be used to create complex parts and shapes that would be difficult or impossible to make using traditional methods. This gives the Navy more flexibility when it comes to designing and procurement of parts for their fleet. Finally, because AM produces less waste material, it is more environmentally friendly than traditional manufacturing methods.

We are excited to leverage our new Center for Manufacturing Advancement and work with the Navy and other partners,” said Telly Tucker, President, IALR. “ATDM is one of the strongest examples of what full integration of industry in the training process looks like, by bringing key partners together to be vested in the time-to-talent process and ensuring the unique requirements of shipbuilders and suppliers are achieved quickly to meet the demands of our nation’s defences.”

The announcement of the Navy’s new additive manufacturing center is great news for Danville and its residents. This type of investment will help create jobs and grow the local economy. In addition, it will also help raise awareness about additive manufacturing and its potential applications. We are excited to see what this new initiative will achieve!

FasTech LLC changing the Manufacturing Game

If you’re in the business of manufacturing parts, then you know that to succeed you need both quality and speed. The faster you can get your product to market without complications, the better. That’s where FasTech comes in. The leading company based in Danville, VA. specializes in rapid machining and additive 3D metal printing of BIG components, which means they can produce customers parts up to ten times faster than traditional additive manufacturing methods. Plus, their state-of-the-art equipment and skilled team of engineers mean that clients are getting the best possible product at the best possible price. FasTech LLC is all about changing the manufacturing game and they are excited to be part of this amazing project in collaboration with Austal USA and the Navy.

“Danville was chosen as the site for their facility due to its proximity to major universities like Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia, which both boast strong research and development programs. In addition, Danville is within a two-hour drive of nearly 80% of the U.S. population, making it an ideal location for distribution”, said Alan Pearce, Chief Executive Office at FasTech LLC.

The Navy is always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve, and its Additive Manufacturing AM CoE reflects just that.

“FasTech LLC is proud to be a part of such a significant project and grateful to be supported by such great leadership from both Austal USA and the Navy. We are 100% committed to supporting our Navy and meet their strategic goals by driving AM forward. We are excited to see what the future holds for additive manufacturing and our team is working hard on developing new technologies and manufacturing processes that will push the boundaries of what’s possible within the industry. With our expertise, we are confident that we will be a key contributor to make the AM CoE a success,” said Richie Barker, Chief Operating Officer at FasTech LLC, while pointing at the 3D Printed Prototype they have developed together.